Can I Wear Compression Socks With a Broken Ankle?

Leg injuries are unavoidable, especially if you have an active lifestyle. Ankle and knee injuries are the most common areas that get twisted or sprained.
Injuries may not necessarily be due to accidents instantaneously. It may be due to repeated stress which causes stress fracture. If the foot pounds too much to the ground, it may result in either a sprain or fracture that is sometimes difficult to identify.
And do you still remember how excruciating the pain was when you twisted your ankle or obtained a foot injury? How much more if it gets fractured.
The usual treatment or therapy for injuries on the feet is an elastic bandage or cold compress. The thing is, those cannot speed up recovery. For instance, an elastic bandage can only do so much from the outside, such as controlled movement. But it won’t be enough to relieve it from swelling and pain.

1. How Do Compression Socks for Ankle Injuries Help

An injury causes the surrounding tissues to swell and get inflamed, which is the body’s natural reaction whenever there is trauma. There’s also fluid build-up, and blood flow increases to assist the damaged tissues with an injury.
Therapy is necessary to restore both function and form of the body part whenever an injury happens. By applying compression to injury, it will address these needs.
Compression socks boost recovery to ankle injuries by:
  • Copies the muscular function by compressing the muscles
  • Boosting the supply of nutrients and oxygen through the fluid and blood circulation from the external pressure it applies to the muscle tissues.
  • Stabilizing the ankle will control the movement to prevent further harm to the injury.
  • It will reduce the swelling and will lessen the pain.

According to a study that is archived in Sigvaris’ Stemme Library, “that compression hosiery can indeed help with the healing process and pain relief following such an injury.” Ninety individuals participated in the study, and the result was “a quicker return of the ankle to normal, reducing swelling more completely and quickly.” Aside from those results, the participants reported that even six months later, they felt no pain after the injury.

The studies revealed that wearing compression socks shortly after an ankle fracture or injury significantly increases function with no complications. Although compression socks may be optional, this is highly recommended for immediate recovery from ankle injuries.

2. Extra RICE It

Treatment for fracture and sprain differ, although home remedies can be applied for both instances for recovery. Whether it’s a sprain or a fracture, you may still use this method for immediate recovery.


You have an active life, and you are used to being on your feet constantly, but not this time. For a speedy recovery, rest is needed. Sore muscles have to rest and not be stressed.


When muscles are sore, the next best thing is to ice them. It will alleviate the foot pain and will help ease the swelling.


This is where all the necessary progress will happen. Compression therapy is essential to restore damaged tissues or bones. External support such as compression socks for broken bones or inflamed tissues is crucial. It boosts blood and fluid circulation, which helps the surrounding tissues to recover faster.


Elevating the legs will relieve the injured ankle or leg of pain. There is less pressure when the foot is elevated than lying flat on the bed. It also keeps the blood and fluid going while laying on your back.
Compression socks are recommended for post-treatment of ankle injuries. However, always remember that your condition always needs professional advice from your doctor. If the injury involves fracture and not just a simple sprain, seek medical intervention. Finally, for post-medical therapy, apply these home regimens to boost the recovery time.

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