Side Effects of Wearing Compression Stockings

Painful leg, spider veins, injured ankles, plantar fasciitis, and the list goes on. They all have one thing in common: they all need compression socks for support.
As simple as compression socks may look, their function cannot be undermined in contributing to treatment and therapy. Compression socks are supplemental as they provide the following:
  • Lessens the swelling after tedious activities like running, standing, and walking for long periods.
  • It prevents the development of spider and varicose veins.
  • Provides support at the legs after surgery
  • Inhibits deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and edema
  • Relieves stress on the lower extremities during a flight
  • Boosts blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Provides support during therapy.

1. Can Wearing Compression Socks be Harmful

You may have heard a horror story or two about compression socks, which is typical for different products in the market. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is ineffective or defective. There are times that it is human error that results in undesirable results.
Instructions must be understood and followed correctly for a particular product to work. There are also disclaimers and warnings in the packaging. Information is also available online, such as this one, giving individuals insight into products that you inquire about.
So yes, compression socks can be harmful if not worn as instructed or as needed.
What are the instances that compression socks can be harmful?
  • Wearing a tad bit tight pair for you, which can be smaller, or pressure is inappropriate for your needs. It may constrict blood circulation instead of fixing it.
  • It can also hamper fluid drainage because of the tightness.
  • When this happens, swelling will occur, and you will feel pain and discomfort.
Even over-the-counter compression socks have to be the right fit for you to avoid any of these harmful scenarios.

2. Side Effects of Wearing Compression Socks

Let’s look at it this way; side effects can either be good or bad. Side effects, in other words, are the reaction or aftereffect of the product you are using.
Compression socks offer a variety of choices such as fabric, length, size, design, kind, etc. But all these factors do not really affect the legs in any way except for the height where the placement of pressure is located.
Now, is it going to matter if you wear it while sleeping or if it’s compression thigh high socks? Does the amount of time wearing them or the length of socks give any terrible side effects? As mentioned earlier, if the socks are too tight, they may have harmful side effects.:
But here are possible scenarios that you have to take note of:
  • If it's overworn - it may cause skin irritation or obstruction with blood circulation, especially when you sleep with it. Resting your legs from wearing them is imperative.
  • If it's the wrong compression level - stay within the appropriate degree of pressure to avoid swelling and pain. If you don't have a serious medical concern about your legs, you can get the lightest compression level socks.
  • If it's worn improperly - as these socks are designed with compression on specific areas, placing them incorrectly may compromise the blood vessels.
  • If the instruction for care and use is disregarded - you've read this many times because this is critical information that cannot be forgotten. Terrible side effects can be avoided if instructions are given due consideration.
Possible reactions may include
  • Skin irritation
  • Vein problems (DVT, spider veins, vein ulcers, varicose veins)
  • Discomfort and pain

3. Copper Infused Compression Socks

But there is one particular kind of compression socks that offers a more different approach: the copper infused compression socks. But how effective is this, and what copper infused socks’ side effects could be?
Copper infused socks are blended with copper ion threads with antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Think about the copper masks available in the market; it essentially shares the same idea. But according to data, copper compression socks can boost recovery from fatigue even more. Another health benefit states that you won’t feel sore even when you’re on your feet the whole day. These claims are yet to be proven by further research and studies.

4. Key Takeaway

The concept behind compression socks is actually a genius. Just adding a tight pressure at specific areas of the socks will be able to support your legs and enable you to rehabilitate and use your legs and feet. But as mentioned, to avoid side effects, always refer to instructions for safe and comfortable use of the legwear. And of course, always visit a health professional, particularly when you’re in doubt.

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