Soccer Socks vs. Compression Socks

Soccer is a widely popular sport. In fact, football — as it is widely known — is the most popular sport with over 3 billion followers worldwide. Maybe you are a fan or a soccer player and are interested to know what the differences are between soccer socks and compression socks.

1. What are Soccer Socks?

These socks are specially designed for the sport. Since soccer is a contact sport that involves a lot of foot action, certain areas of the legs need protection, such as the shin bone. Soccer socks are modified to keep shin guards in place. Shin guards are protecting that area to prevent accidents in the field.
Soccer socks have to be sweat or moisture controlled to avoid the athlete’s foot. It has to be at a specific length for it not to slip off the lower legs. The fabric also has to be good for colder weather to keep the legs warm. Finally, it has to be slightly cushioned for comfort while playing.

2. Are Soccer Socks the Same as Compression Socks?

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The quick answer to this question is NO. Compression socks and soccer socks have one significant difference, and that is the compression or pressure level. Compression socks are not just tight for no reason. The pressure level that is applied to the legs provides relief and comfort while it is being worn.
On the other hand, you can wear soccer socks and compression socks simultaneously for maximum support. Meanwhile, soccer compression socks are also available over-the-counter since this kind of socks falls under non-medical compression hosiery.
Wearing compression socks will ultimately improve your performance in the game. Your legs will not quickly feel fatigued since compression essentially enhances blood circulation, which will prevent swelling, muscle fatigue, and blood pooling in the blood vessels.

3. Do Soccer Players Wear Compression Socks?

Soccer players do wear compression socks for all intents and purposes. Since they are on their feet most of the time, it is more beneficial for them to be wearing compression socks.

4. Why do soccer players need to wear compression socks?

Whether practice or during the actual game, they use their feet and legs all the time. The training involves endurance, footwork, and stamina. All of these are needed since the playing field is big and it consists of a lot of running and kicking.
With the rigorous training, compression socks are necessary for:
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Blood circulation
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Venous support

5. Which Socks do Soccer Players Wear?

Most soccer players wear two pairs of socks, and they wear both compression and soccer socks. Wearing both types of socks is not just for performance but also for comfort and avoiding injuries and blisters.
Although, wearing two socks can be too much when they wear their shoes. Of course, they use some tricks such as cutting off the bottom part of the socks and wrapping tape around the area where it had been cut for it to stay in place. They have to do what needs to be done to help them during the game.
Basically, soccer players can choose which socks to wear as long as they can protect them and improve their performance. The most important thing for them is watching their shin and legs, and compression socks can definitely provide a supplemental amount of protection for their playing needs.

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