Who Should Wear Compression Socks When Flying?

Do you often travel for business trips? A wanderer who goes from country to country? A pilot or flight attendants, perhaps? If you are a globetrotter, you belong to a group of people who need to carry with them a pair, or two, of compression socks.

Unfashionable as it may sound, compression legwear is a must-have in your wardrobe when you travel. But what if you don’t travel that much? Do you need to wear compression socks when flying? Well, it is not just for those who frequent airplane rides, but for individuals who have varicose or spider veins and are also prone to blood clots, i.e. deep vein thrombosis (DVT). 

Compression socks help apply pressure at the feet and legs so that blood can be pumped back to the heart. Once the blood circulation is hindered, swelling happens, and discomfort occurs. This is the reason why when you stand up from your seat, your feet usually feel heavy. Compression socks or stockings avoid this scenario.

1. Who Should Wear Compression Socks on Long Flight

As mentioned earlier, if you frequently travel for long periods, you are really in need of compression stockings. Here are other circumstances where you need to wear compression socks on flight:
  • Patients who are prone to DVT, such as those with cancer
  • Acute venous problems
  • The recent treatment of varicose veins
  • History of blood clotting
On the other hand, some couldn’t wear compression socks during travels. If you have extremely sensitive skin, are easily bruised, or are too delicate, compression legwear is not for you. So remember, always consider your medical condition before considering a pair of compression socks or stockings.o

2. Should Diabetics Wear Compression Socks When Flying

If you are type 1 or type 2 diabetes, compression socks are perfect to wear during flights. Foot and leg care is essential for diabetics because over time if blood sugar is not controlled, it causes circulatory problems where it triggers peripheral edema and neuropathy.
Here are the benefits for diabetics on wearing compression socks:
Protection – protects your foot and legs against injuries that may occur during your flight. Materials used on compression socks are lightweight but durable. It can protect your skin from getting punctured or scratched.
Circulation – sitting down for quite a long time will take a toll on your lower extremities. Compression socks will keep the blood flowing properly.
Prevention – you don’t need extra complications when you have blood sugar problems. The possibility of blood clotting should be avoided at all costs. Wearing a pair of compression socks will prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis.
Reduction – swelling is not a pretty sight nor a good feeling. Discomfort and pain are also a nuisance as you travel. So using compression socks will reduce inflammation.
Inherently, the lower extremities are the first region that loses venous functions. For this reason, peripheral neuropathy occurs due to nerve damage. This is why diabetics must wear the correct compression socks to encourage blood circulation within the feet and legs.
Whether or not you travel most of the time, the takeaway here is to bring with you compression socks to prevent lower extremities problems. Kidding aside, it is always best to consider your health as your primary concern more than anything else.
Lastly, if you have medical conditions such as diabetes, DVT, or just had surgery, always talk to your doctor about your options with using compression socks for traveling. It will gear you up for a better flying experience the next time you travel.

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